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It is important to service and maintain you boats drive train by making sure your service intervals outlined in your owners manual are followed. To make it simple At the Helm Marine recommends the following yearly maintenance schedule: Every 50 hours or 12 months which ever occurs first you should have the oil changed at the bare minimum this will help maintain proper lubrication to ensure the integrity of your engines life. There are many different applications and service requirements are different for each of them. If you follow service by date you can use 1st year engine and transmission (Weather v-drive,direct drive, or stern drive often called 20 hour service) 2nd year engine only service(all fluids and filters including stern drive gear oil often called 50hour service) then in the 3rd year have the engine,transmission and tune up (spark plugs,cap and rotor often called 100 hour service) performed. At the Helm Marine recognizes the difference between boats so a generic flat rate service is not the same as some of the competitors like to believe. A mercruiser alpha is not the same as a OMC cobra. Our services are broken down to be boat make and engine model specific. At the Helm Marine wants to ensure your boat is getting what it needs when it needs it at a price applicable to your boat. Check out what lines we service and see what is recommended on your boat.

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Be able to monitor your boat systems, fuel ecomomy,speed, cruise control, and many other systems for your boat. Available on most Mercury/Mercruiser products