Power Management for 12 volt systems
Don't wait for your power to fail. Get the power when you need it.


At the Helm Marines' Power Management for 12 volt systems

Many boaters today have invested in an elabrate and impressive stereo system, lights and other accessories. A large part of boating is cove time where we can anchor off shut down the engine, crank up the tunes and  enjoy some swimming, leisure or our favorite party time! A lot of us boaters can put many more hours on the stereo than our boat. Doing this demands a great deal of power from the batteries. The life of a battery can vary and often times when a stereo is powered up incorrectly it can drain batteries and in some cases leave people stranded with out any amperage to start the engine.  At the Helm Marine specializes in providing proper battery power for your system. A fail safe wiring and switch system so that you are never left without a starting battery. We also have a wide variety of on board charging systems and ways to power them while not near 110 outlets. Most installers don't pay much attention to this aspect of the install. Unlike automotive install there are many other variables to powering a boat properly.  We can help manage this sytem.

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Be able to monitor your boat systems, fuel ecomomy,speed, cruise control, and many other systems for your boat. Available on most Mercury/Mercruiser products