Sea water pump impeller mantainance
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You should replace your impeller every season to save on costly repairs and damage to your motor.


Sea water pump impeller

One of the most vital organs in your boat power plant! Like service for you engine the water pump impeller can vary in size, shape, and accessibility. This component draws water in from the sea or lake to keep the engine at proper running temperature. The boat does not have a radiator to keep coolant so it uses the water your boating in for that purpose. Even closed cooling engines still use sea water to keep the coolant at the proper temperature. The components has no real guarantee on how long it will last. Often times failure can occur from debris blocking the water intake or starting the boat out of the water with out a flush kit running water to the intake. The impeller is rubber so it can also fail from lack of use. It needs water to stay lubricated also the housing it sits in is oblong and can cause the impeller to develop a seat last the rubber can begin to dry rot and crack this combination can lead to the impeller blades tearing of the base and ending up in you cooling system. Your owners manual will outline what interval is best for your impeller replacement. At the Helm Marine recommends replacement of this component every year. Time on the water is valuable and having an over heat condition can ruin your day of fun.

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