Basic Trailer Service
Don't get left on the side of the road with your boat not in the water


At the Helm Marines' Basic Trailer Service

Getting to and from your boating destination relies heavily on your boat trailer. At the Helm Marine provides a 4 point basic service included in your annual engine service(checking tire pressure,brake fluid, lights and greasing the bearings through the zirc fitting). Making sure your wheel bearings and axle spindles are in good condition every  3-5 years is important. This can be accomplished by having a bearing repack performed at any time. Brake systems also need inspection by pulling off the trailer wheels and checking pad or shoe integrity. Water contamination can enter the brake system catching this early can help prevent costly repairs to master cylinders and brake lines. At the Helm Marine offers full repair and maintenance on boat trailers.

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Be able to monitor your boat systems, fuel ecomomy,speed, cruise control, and many other systems for your boat. Available on most Mercury/Mercruiser products